see you in September {à la rentrée}

remembering the summer as we re-enter normal
Isle of Palms, SC

The french idiom à la rentrée, means “see you in September”. After spending 5 to 6 weeks en vacances, the french return to their normal lives to reopen restaurants, shops, and go back to work and school. It literally means “at the return” of normal life, the start of the fall season. September signifies the start of a new year.

cousin camp 2016
summer wanderings

With everyone back in school, including my husband who is going on 21 years of teaching, we are back to normal life, but it takes me a while to get into a rhythm. August is when I slowly process the events of summer, help the kids get adjusted to school, and make plans for the shop. September is a fresh start.

cousin camp 2016
cousin camp 2016

I like to look back at the season and see the series of events that will become our memories. Cousin Camp, time with extended family, visiting friends out of town, working together as a family selling fireworks {my husband runs a fireworks tent for 2 weeks in the summer}, swimming, farmers markets, beautiful scenery, summer camps, kids riding bikes, early morning running, lots of food, library visits, movie matinees.

Amish Market
Amish Market scenery, East Tennessee

Our biggest trip this year was to Charleston, SC. I grew up about 1 1/2 hours from there many years ago, so I loved getting to see the big mossy oak trees and smell the salty ocean air. Charleston is such a beautiful, fun place, with a rich history. It is great for families or for couples. My husband and I visited a few years ago but it was our kids first time. We visited the USS Yorktown, Fort Sumter, the downtown market, the Charleston Tea Plantation, and Isle of Palms beach.

Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, Charleston,
Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge {Charleston, SC}
Isle of Palms, SC-
Isle of Palms, SC
Fort Sumter, SC
Fort Sumter
Charleston Tea Plantation, SC
Charleston Tea Plantation
USS Yorktown, SC
USS Yorktown
family vacation Charleston, SC
my little family

À la rentrée!

See you in September!

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