french terms of endearment

french terms of endearment
{my little cabbage?}


The french have no shortage of terms of endearment for loved ones. Mon Petit Chou is a popular way of referring to someone as sweetheart or honey. Chou does mean cabbage but it also refers to a cream puff {the french and their double entendres}. So its like when Americans refer to someone as “honey” or “dear”, or when the British call someone “love”.

je t'aime mini hoop
{I love you}

I love you. Hang this one in a spot you know they will see everyday and be reminded of your love.

Other french terms of endearment would be mon amour or m’amour {my love}, cherie {darling}, mon cœur {my heart}, ma belle {my beautiful one}. As you can imagine the french have many words expressing love. Have you ever had anyone refer to you as ma puce {my flea}, ma caille {my quail}, or ma crevette {my shrimp}, mon nounours {teddy bear}? on Etsy
Valentine embroidered mini hoop


Grab one of these embroidered mini hoops for you loved one this Valentine’s Day or for any time of year. Tell them how you feel à la française {in french}.


Valentine's Day mini hoops from the gingham studio-
Valentine’s Day embroidered mini hoops


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